Sean Craig’s Wake Up Call

Who is Sean Craig? Hmmm…Here Goes…

When he’s not out fishing or hunting, writing haikus or practicing rhythmic gymnastics (The thought of Sean in a leotard alone warrants EXTREME CAUTION!) – you can catch Ironwood Michigan resident, Sean Craig, on the air weekdays from 6am to 10am.

He’ll be the one telling you what’s going on with local news, contests, crazy world news and shenanigans galore!. This Indiana Hoosier by birth (what’s a Hoosier anyway?) is happy to be working in radio as he has done now for the past 12 years!

You may or may not be surprised to learn that Sean once set his high schools eating record of 36 White Castles in one setting or that he has a self proclaimed talent of being able to eat a Big Mac in a single bite (we hope never to witness this feat!)..
You can email Sean Craig at: [email protected]
Sean’s Fact File
First Radio Appearance
1991 WECI 91.5

Straughn, Indiana

Favorite Story
Stopping a trailer that had passed a truck being driven by Carl Vandenburg. The trailer came off the hitch and buzzed by Seans door before being stopped from going down the hill by “The Indian” in Ironwood. When friends and family arrived Sean was seen lying on the road laughing uncontrollably!

Memorable Interviews
Jesse James, Cindy Margolis (She liked his voice), Sean Astin (Rudy) and Bill Maher

Liam and Aidan Craig

Hunting, Fish and Consuming Vast Amounts of “Grub” as he puts it

Favorite Food:
Medium Rare Ribeye mmmm

Hidden Talent:
Can consume a Big Mac in a single bite

Favorite Sports Team
Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Favorite Musician: Jimi Hendrix

Favorite Author
Books? What are Books?

Favorite Movie Star:
Tom Hanks

Sean Says This Is His "Happy" Face Sean Says This Is His “Happy” Face[/caption]

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