Ms. Music

Ms.  Music has a passion for the paranormal, a soft spot for the Supernatural. In her free time, she enjoys paranormal investigations and writing about her Paranormal experiences. When she’s not on a Ghost Hunting or doing something involving her other passion, animals… you can hear her from 10 till 2pm here on WIMI the storm.

do pets count?

Paranormal investigation, Writing, Karaoke, Voice acting and listening to great music.

Favorite Food:

Favorite Musician:
I actually love J-Rock artist GACKT (Japan) and Kansas. Who doesn’t need a little “Carry on My Wayward Son” in their life?

Favorite Author
Anyone brave enough to write about true Ghost Stories

Favorite Movie Star:
Tom Hiddleston. (Oh Mr. Hiddleston, I’m single… call me.)